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Now for my first section on how to build an alternative paintball weapon! This first how-to plan will be for how to make your own Paintball Grenades.Paint Grenades...

Under Barrel Launchers

The other variety of paintball grenade launcher is the underbarrel style. Two execellent cannons of this sytle are available. Both are based off the M203 GL. Stop by either Rusty's Paintball Gear or Alternative Paintball to see these really cool pieces of paint slinging mayhem!

Shoulder Fired Launchers


This is an M-79 paintball weapon built by Loki, based off of Bret Golihew's designs. If you would like to get the plans to one, or buy one, please go to: M-79 page and tell Tommy I sent you!

Ladies and Gentleman!!! I now present to you the Paintball Cannon FAQ! Created by none other than the infamuous Reverend Heywood! So step on through this link to get all the preachin' on the most ass kickin' weapons system devised yet for paintball! All your questions will be answered! All your wants fulfilled! All your dark desires met!!! ;)

The Paintball Cannon FAQ!!!

Remember, there are more cannons than just LAWs and grenade launchers. Make sure to stop by . Alternative Paintball to see all the varieties of paint cannons available!

Now for a real treat: One you've all been begging and asking for: Bret Golihew's LAW paintball rocket launcher! Just click on the thumbnail to take you to its very own page! The next alternative weapon category is: Grenade Launchers!

The time has come, yeah, it is past time, to announce the latest paint flinging invention. One that will guarntee that players everywhere will now spend time yelling "incoming!!!". I give you.... THE PAINT MORTAR!!! Click on the pics below to be taken to the homepages for each mortar. On the right is the Tippmann heavy mortar, on the left Alternative Paintball's light AP2 mortar.

light mortar


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